Rust: The linden as a meeting place – Europa-Park inaugurated the "Roland Mack-Platz"

Open since the end of May, the 4-star superior hotel "Krønasår" welcomes not only visitors with its authentic Scandinavian architecture, but also with its carefully designed outdoor facilities. Among them is a special highlight: the "Roland Mack-Platz". Nine years ago, the internal nursery of Europa-Park was inaugurated. In the honor of the owner and founder of the largest amusement park in Germany, a new species of lime was raised at that time. Now, the "Tilia insularis – Roland Mack" decorates the forecourt of the hotel-museum.

Since 2010, linden trees have been raised in a nursery. This spring, they were allowed to move into the grounds of the 4-star superior hotel "Krønasår" and are now shaping the "Roland Mack-Platz". The historical significance of Linde has played a major role in the design of the square, as the tree has a long tradition as an important element of meeting places. In the past, the linden village was the meeting point and the center of many municipalities. That is why, in the hotel "Krønasår", pursue this noble goal and form a meeting place. This is notably the botanical name of the plant: "Tilia insulari" – Roland Mack, translated into German means the word insularis "island" – the "Roland Mack Square" as an island of encounter.

The melting of the island and linden is also reflected in the architecture of the place because its shape is similar to that of a single linden leaf seen from the air. The stone ornament is framed in the lawn by 16 sandstone steles, each of them symbolizing one of the thematic areas of Europa-Park, built under Roland Mack. On the heads of the steles, the name "Roland Mack" is engraved in the original of each country. The shape of the stones recalls the tradition of the Teutons, who endowed these sculptures with runic writing.

The project was implemented by the Europa-Park Nursery under the direction of Jürgen Sedler in close collaboration with Ann-Kathrin Mack. The architect and daughter of the founder, Roland Mack, also participated in the construction of the hotel-museum "Krønasår". Night guests can not only enjoy the magnificence of the Roland Mack-Linden – 40 specimens of trees lining the access road to the new aquatic world Rulantica.

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