Taxes: Authorities spend millions of euros on taxes

Some investments, sometimes superfluous, go directly into the budget: the new lock of the Kiel Canal costs 290 million euros more than expected. The 47th Black Book summarizes the waste of taxes and the careless treatment of tax money throughout the Federal Republic.

Only "negligence"?

In some cases, the question arises: "only" is the shortfall at the origin of the wrong investment or are the authorities simply out of date? For example, a bicycle path worth around € 275,000 was built in the Vogtland district of Saxony. She is now threatened with dismantling. The reason: the trail should not be used as it passes through a nature reserve. The district did not obtain the necessary permits.

Tax experts want to guide public authorities towards better planning

The tax experts wanted to show their list not only of maladministration based on concrete examples, said the president of the taxpayers' association, Joachim Papendick, in Wiesbaden. It is also to avoid similar cases through better and more serious planning in the future.

As in another case called Papendick, the renovation of the historic bakery in the district of Bad Hersfelder in Asbach resulted in costs of 78,000 euros. During the works, it turned out that the building structure had many more defects than expected, so the costs doubled. The barely used oven was no longer usable, so the bakehouse now used as a storage room will be.

The renovation of the castle lasts for eight years

The renovation of the Royal Wing of Bad Homburg Castle was still not completed after more than eight years and construction costs would have quintupled, criticized the tax expert. First, the responsible Ministry of Science had assumed two years of construction and costs of up to two million euros. After many other damage to the building during the works, the renovation has grown and cost about 10 million euros.

Less than three years after the opening of the Kellerwald tower in Schwalm-Eder-Kreis, the watchtower erected at the cost of the land on the Wüstegarten hill has already suffered significant damage, said Papendick. After a year of unsuccessful litigation with a construction company about the guarantee, the German weather service must now move with a Wetterradarturm on the mountain and equip it with a viewing platform. For the Kellerwaldturm should be demolished. Only for the construction and demolition of the old tower and the trial fell to about 400,000 euros.

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