Warburger license will be awarded from next week

Reintroduction of the old registration plate: Special opening time of the registration office on 8 November in Warburg

Dieter Scholz



From 29.10.2019, 5:05 pm

Warburg. The Federal Ministry of Transport has approved the reintroduction of the old WAR registration plate. If you want your registered vehicle to switch from HX to WAR, you can do it for the first time on Friday, November 8th. For the change of license plate in WAR, Höxter offers at the registration desk of the Bahnhofstraße in Warburg that day an additional special opening from 13 to 18 hours. Matthias Kämpfer, head of the district's Department of Public Safety and Road Traffic, said: "We are preparing for increased demand at the registration desk." In total, about 3,200 reservations were received for the wish list ", explains Elisabeth Scheel, head of the traffic department, If everyone wants to remodel their vehicle in a very short time, it would be a question of a considerable additional effort for Admissions Office employees. "Without delays or delays, this will not be done. Especially in the Warburg registration office for technical reasons, only three employees can work at the same time. "So those who want to go to WAR with their registered vehicle without waiting a long time, can be patient and wait for the first assault." Wish plate already reserved stay safe for 90 days from the date of your reservation, so that owners have time to register or change vehicle. "Starting Monday, November 11th, a HX-to-WAR label and vehicle registration with WAR may also be requested during normal business hours of check-in. Appointments may be e-mails are sent to zulassung@kreis-hoexter.de The appointments for the registration office in Höxter can be arranged online at www.kreis-hoexter.de This must be respected when you switch to WAR. When changing the label of an approved vehicle from HX to WAR, the vehicle documents ("letter and invoice"), identity card and registration plates must be brought to the office. Check-in fee of up to Euro 50. If you have already reserved your preferred number, you can pre-stamp the new panel and bring it to the punch, which will reduce the processing time of more of three signatures Vehicles are recom asked to make an appointment.

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