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Zinc and brick: Revitalization of Alt-Stralau glassware – DETAIL

The historic glassworks Alt-Stralau, which was producing glass until the mid-90s, is a monument in the heart of Berlin with its remarkable heritage-protected brick facade. On the one hand, the compact rectangular structure is dominated by a powerful riveted steel beam that once circulated trains and crossed an oblique section on the ground floor, as well as two connecting bridges, which docked on the ground floor. East Coast.

The architects of Eyrich-Hertweck preserve the structure of the building and the charm of the old building-workshop. They make the conversion as eco-friendly as possible by building on sustainable building materials and breathing new life into the existing building fabric. The opening on the ground floor is closed by a dark zinc facade, which complements the existing brick facades with their long ribbons. In the east, glassware is extended by an attic also covered with zinc. The conclusion is some new rusty steel balconies. The layout of the house is done by means of existing stairs extended to the top, a new lift and direct access from the outside and the two bridges.

The interior of the glassworks is divided into 25 apartments, including some maisonettes, and a commercial unit. Eyrich-Hertweck Architekten develops a room concept that incorporates the old steel beam construction into the new design. It remains openly visible and, with the rough masonry and glossy surfaces, imparts a friendly industrial character that reflects the history of the building. Used service boxes accommodate wet cells and supply rooms and provide additional storage space without affecting the continuity of the loft.