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The youth housing group celebrates its 20th anniversary.

By Lucie Graf

October 30, 2019

4:25 p.m.

The youth housing group is located in the Schwesternhausgasse. Photo: Bettina Dennerlohr

Neumarkt.For some teens, living at home is a challenge or a challenge
even an impossibility. And there is also a solution to this problem, namely the
Residential youth group of St. Josef educational center in Parsberg. The location of the
The residential youth group, however, is in Neumarkt. The youth housing group celebrated
The 20th anniversary of last Friday in the circle of many contributors of the
Ease and friends.

Managing Director Josef Riedl welcomed the guests and briefly presented his point of view.
"Today, I can tell you about the origin of this house, its history
I've experienced first-hand, "he explained in advance.The so-called GMT has become the middle
founded in the 80s on a farm in Parsberg and then moved to
Lupburg around. On June 1, 1995, Riedl took over. Two years later became
the group is closed. "But we made an important discovery: a
JWG in a village, without public transport or recreational opportunities and
Too little anonymity was totally less beneficial, "said the CEO.
After some time, the wearer had decided to create a new group
call and for Josef Riel it was clear that this should be in Neumarkt. It started
long process of finding a suitable property, but finally reported
a certain Salzer family, which has become progressively too big for the house. They put
in June 1999, also for personal reasons, in turn, the Pedagogical Center,
available. "Of course, there was a lot of work now, with planning and occupation
And so on. But it was worth it. Today we celebrate 20 years of success
JWG in Neumarkt ", announced Riedl happy.

Pastor Wingen was also present at the celebration. "I am very happy that until now
Everything has gone so well, "he said, adding:" Thank you to all the professionals
for their meaningful and meaningful work "Not only the long life of the group
indicates success. All employees, some of them still
Start working in the GMT and also many trainees, who
have opted for the GMT.

In addition, Manuela, a young woman who left GMT six years ago, discovered
the way of the party. She led a current resident Patrick, a dialogue,
in which the two compared earlier and today. Many positive things came to them
on, but also less good. "Did you have to pay 75% of your salary earlier?
go? Patrick asked, said Manuela.