Balkrishna Doshi – Architecture for the Man – DETAIL

It is the architectural approach of Balkrishna Doshi that makes his projects so unique. Architecture is always adapted to people, their needs and their living space.
Doshi strives to locate the architecture in the fields of culture, environment, society, ethics and religion. With his drawings, he has developed a unique combination of modern architecture with traditional Indian forms and methods that follow the principle of sustainability. In 2018, at the age of 91, he received the Pritzker Prize for these exceptionally advanced concepts and his humanistic, poetic and functional architectural language.

In the exhibition of the TUM architecture museum, his work in the fields of art, design and architecture is treated impressively. The exhibition is divided into four areas: home and identity, university buildings, urban planning projects and institutional construction projects. The visitor is slowly guided from room to room and thus experiences the processes of work, thought and action Doshi. On the basis of original drawings, models, plans and paintings, individual projects in the areas of housing construction and universities, institutional buildings and urban planning are explained. Here, similar to the working method of Doshi, the view beyond the box, on the environment and people in the foreground.
Awesome movie sequences show, for example, the bustling city district of Bhadra, a project site for a cultural hub designed by Doshi or everyday life in India compared to the poorest and most unassuming classes. easy. Especially in the field of social housing construction, the architect impresses with revolutionary concepts in which the known class separation in India is lifted and the different social classes mixed. In addition, several meeting room facilities, such as a replica of his office, Doshi's work, his thinking and his way of life make the visitor understandable, tangible and tangible.

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