Catholic Technical Schools of Neckarsulm receive more encouragement than ever

October 30, 2019, 08:34

Neckarsulm More than 300 young people are currently attending Catholic Technical Schools in Neckarsulm. Director Thomas Ochs sees positive cooperation as one of the reasons for the current high demand.

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The school is more than your leader: dr. Thomas Ochs with members of the student council of Catholic Fachschulen St. Martin in Neckarsulm.

Photo: Simon Gajer


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The school is more than your leader: dr. Thomas Ochs with members of the student council of Catholic Fachschulen St. Martin in Neckarsulm.

Photo: Simon Gajer

The Catholic Fachschulen St. Martin in Neckarsulm is booming. For years, the number of young people attending the School of Social Education and the School of Social Sciences specializing in special education. Now there are 300 students. On causes and atmosphere, Director Dr. Dr. Thomas Ochs.

The Catholic Fachschulen St. Martin are more sought after than ever before. They even created new rooms in the building to house the students. How do you draw this demand for records?

Dr. Thomas Ochs: Positive coexistence at school, it is certainly the attraction. We have many new teachers who harmonize with longtime teachers. We have started many actions with the student leadership and founded a new big circle of friends. We are labeled "School without racism, School with courage" and sponsor the initiative "Help for little heroes". We work with the palliative care service of Bad Friedrichshall. We are very connected and our students wear it all outside. All teachers feel that they can get involved. It circulates. We do not form monosyllabic either.

What do you mean by that?

Ochs: We are not exclusively looking for economically oriented children's gardens or those with a church godfather. We have a broad education. The public children's gardens are represented here, as well as the nurseries or the company facilities. It is clear to us that we are neither a mass business nor a hug troupe. With over 300 students, we have the right size.

How do you know that?

Ochs: We can always promote the individual and focus on priorities. Our school of social education has existed for almost 50 years. Four classes started with us this year at the School for Therapeutic Educators.

Do you live the same in both regions?

Ochs: Yes Until here, we have only offered a course every two years to curative educators. Since there are enough interested parties, we start it every year. For educators, we have two courses in Classical Teaching and one course in "Teaching in Practice". Then there is a special education class added. We hired four new teachers in total for this.

Is the school house enough?

Ochs: No, we have prepared new rooms. But we have always said: the quality of our education is a question of quantity. The old library was distributed in the teachers' rooms and rebuilt. We also had a large bright instrument hall, which is now also a classroom. Our scene can also be expanded if it continues like this.

Where is the limit for schools?

Ochs: We still have room for 30 other students. It's okay. We also have teachers who still have abilities and interested people who want to work with us. Before, we had to look for teachers, but for the first time we had more candidates than we could accept.

They encourage young people who want to work in a kindergarten. Has interest in the profession increased?

Ochs: I can not say that. Our students deliberately chose us. The values ​​of a successful coexistence are at the center of our work. For us, it is also about "early education", but without reliable "early commitment" from the constant caregiver, all early education depends on the quality of the air. This diversity distinguishes us. We hired more teachers than needed. We can offer topics of tilt and focus.

What needs to be done to make the profession more attractive?

Ochs: In terms of payment, there is still room for improvement when I see what educators are doing. At the present time, when many daycares are notoriously understaffed, they are working at a standstill. And they have an important job. They are the first teachers and need a proper appreciation.

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Simon Gajer


Simon Gajer first arrived in Heilbronn in 2000. After his internship and a year as a freelance journalist in the United States, he has been back in the region since autumn 2003: he is currently looking for exciting topics in Neckarsulm, Ilsfeld, Untereisesheim and Weinsberg.

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