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Since early October, the department "Public Safety and Consumer Protection" is under a new direction. On Julian Pielmeier, whose professional career now goes to Bavarian Ministry of Culture by Munich leads, follows Boris Peter. It started after High school in Augsburg He has a law degree in Constance and worked in 2007 at the Rosenheim Police Headquarters as Head of Legal Affairs. He then worked for three years in the police department of the Ministry of the Interior, most recently as Deputy Head of Public Security and Public Order, before moving to Landratsamt Augsburg in 2017 and take charge of the Department of Construction and Environmental Law. When the 40-year-old father works in the district office, he looks forward to "working hand-in-hand with citizens, employees and relevant authorities and organizations such as the police and firefighters". The range of tasks in his department is huge. In addition to the areas of immigration and asylum, security (with civil protection and food control) and transport (with registration and driving license), this also includes veterinary and health authorities. (Photo: Landratsamt Aichach-Friedberg, Wolfgang Müller)

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