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Experts discuss architecture sensitive to age and dementia

Many people want a living environment that allows them to live in their familiar environment, even with reduced mobility or cognitive or sensitive abilities in decline. It does not matter that a disease or a normal aging process forces the structural environment to adapt to the needs of its inhabitants. Structural measures and technical assistance systems can help you stay at home for a long time.

The experts involved in designing the living environment of the elderly or dependent now have the opportunity to become familiar with the latest developments in the field. To this end, the regional development of Bad Kissingen district had invited to the big meeting room. There, the expert forum "Age and Dementia-Sensitive Architecture" was held with great success. More than fifty participants from the construction, care and consulting industry had come together. Architects were included, as well as representatives of the elderly, outpatient departments, hospitals and construction companies.

"The people of our district are aging and living longer, which is also translating into a growing demand for adapted living spaces," said district administrator Thomas Bold. "To help citizens on this issue, we have already taken important steps: for example, with our new housing advice offer, which provides free and personalized advice, but we also want to share information via specialized forums. to the construction sector and social service providers in the district, keep bringing the subject to the public. "

The experts discussed topics in the specialized forum: Birgit Dietz, for example, from the Technical University of Munich. She gave an overview of the interior design requirements sensitive to dementia and age. The Telemedicine Center has informed about the latest developments in technical assistance systems. And HWK Unterfranken has announced its new certification offer "Fachbetrieb für Barrierefreies Bauen – Markenzeichen genationenfreundlicher Betrieb". During the networking break, participants were able to simulate their age using special glasses simulating retinal degeneration or cataracts. Overall, the regional management was very satisfied with the progress of the event. "The task of regional development for the district of Bad Kissingen is to meet the needs of the district population with new event formats, the development of innovative information media and a meaningful network." This forum was an offer for that Architects and representatives of the construction and maintenance industry contacted us despite a short time and got informed, "concluded Antje Rink from the management from the project "Generation VZ", which had organized the forum, we will stick to the subject and also offer an event in the coming year. red