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"Help and annoy, exactly my thing"

Martin Sonneborn's party has raised donations for a Kurdish organization in Syria. The action of the MEP just costs a lot of money to other parties. Including CDU, SPD and AfD.

At first glance, it's a joke. Martin Sonneborn, satirist and leader of the "Party", is Tuesday afternoon in front of the House Konrad Adenauer in Berlin. He has in his hands a big check of 250,000 euros. He says "Thank you CDU, thank you SPD".

MEP Marin Sonneborn presents the representatives of the Kurdish Red Crescent with a € 250,000 symbolic check in front of Konrad-Adenauer-Haus. (Source: The party)

Certainly the check of Heyva Sor, a Kurdistane, the Kurdish Red Crescent. It is an organization of active humanitarian aid in northern Syria that provides medical aid in the region in crisis. The transfer is symbolic, the money is actually transferred.

The treasurer of the organization in Germany, Vahdettin Kilic, was happy with the money and thanked the party and the donors. He does not get such big donations and even though it's so, the 250,000 euros are just a drop in the bucket.

Sonneborn deliberately chose the headquarters of the CDU as a transfer location. The MEP in the European Parliament wants to draw attention to the situation of Kurds in Syria. But fundraising also shows how easy it is to indirectly channel public funds through the funding of political parties to organizations and projects. Behind the satirical facade hides a serious background.

Assistance to Kurds

Heyva Sor, a Kurdistane, is one of the last relief organizations active in northern Syria. She works with the German Red Cross and is a kind of pedant in the Middle East. "We feel that nobody supports the Kurds," Sonneborn said in an interview with "That's why we proposed to people to help the Kurds and to bother the federal government."

In the call for the donation of the "party", one can read: "If you make a donation, make a donation to the CDU and to the SPD, and automatically and involuntarily." Sonneborn said: "If the federal government behaves politically absurdly in Syria, it can at least contribute a little money."

But it is not so easy. Other parties do not have to donate. They get through the action of Sonneborn, but less money. Sonneborn and The Party use the dark domain of German party funding for their fundraising campaign.

Martin Sonneborn talks with Vahdettin Kilic and Muharrem Aral, who work for the Kurdish Kurdistane Heyva Sor Kurdish humanitarian organization. (Source: dpa)

In Germany, each party is entitled to benefits. For this purpose, funds of up to € 190 million are made available annually. The amount of the donation to a party is decisive for its roots in society, measured by the votes cast in the European and parliamentary elections, as well as for the sum of their own income. The remuneration of each party is limited to the sum of its own income.

But this limit had not reached the party. Sonneborn can therefore recover 96% of donations received in 2021 in the 2019 annual report. For each euro donated, it will recover 96 cents in two years. This money is deducted from the 190 million euros and is therefore no longer available to other parties.

Sonneborn calculates: "For every 100 euros given, the CDU and the SPD each lose 30 euros, for the Greens they are ten, for the AfD four or five euros, help and annoy, exactly what I do." However, what looks like a joke in Sonneborn also highlights the lack of transparency of German party funding.

"I saw German weapons and tanks in action"

Even Sonneborn can not say for sure what the Kurdish aid organization does with the funds. "I rely on them to use the money wisely.I have seen pictures of people helping children and the wounded, but I can not verify it," says Sonneborn at . "I can not go to Syria, but I have so much confidence in the organization.I have seen too many pictures of soldiers killed under the Turkish killing under Allahu Akbar." I have German and German weapons again The tanks seen in action. "

Sonneborn has the opportunity to orient the audience on two different topics at the same time. The offensive of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, recently criticized this man, claiming: "A mad Bosphorus fascist bombed Kurdish civilians."

Shaken, Sonneborn, however, shows above all the reaction of the federal government. "If the CDU and the SPD prevent an arms embargo imposed on Turkey by the whole of the European Union, it makes me angry," said the EU representative, t "It's a shame not to criticize a NATO partner who goes crazy and invades other countries."

The fundraiser had to stop the party. The bias with regard to party financing is that the party will not get back the money it is now making at the Kurdish Red Crescent until 2021. People should not send any more donations now, otherwise the party would bankruptcy.

But it's again a blunder.