Holzbaupreis: future projects in wood construction come from Weiz

The Styrian Holzbaupreios 2019 has been awarded to three buildings of Weizer Strobl Holzbau.

WEIZ / GRAZ. Proud of wood or "wooden buildings", one is after awarding the Steiermark Holzbaupreises to the company Strobl. Weizer Strobl Bau und Holzbau has even received three awards. The Holzbaupreis Steiermark has once again demonstrated its capabilities in the construction of high-volume and multi-storey housing. At the awards ceremony on October 25, the Styrian Timber Construction Award 2019 was awarded to ten projects in the Graz Schauspielhaus, three of which concerned Holzbau Strobl.

Strobl rid of

Innovative, high quality and future-oriented, three buildings of Strobl Holzabu have been awarded as the most beautiful wooden construction projects in Styria.

  • Wohnbau Max-Mell-Allee in Graz won the award in the category "Multi-storey Residential Buildings". The wooden construction was planned and carried out in collaboration with the architects Nussmüller and the 2018 apartments were donated to the ENW Gemeinnützige Wohnungsgesellschaft.
  • The new building of the primary school Sankt Marein in Mürztal won the category "Bildungsbauten". This solid wood construction was built in 2018 for the town of St. Marein in the Mürztal, under the direction of Hohensinn Architekten.
  • In the category "Tourist Buildings", the redevelopment and enlargement of the hotel Stegerhof have landed at number 1. The addition of the hotel in Donnersbachwald was entirely made of wood by the Ederach architects.

In addition, the project "Wohnungsanlage Steigtalstraße" (1st phase of construction) convinced the jury and was nominated in the category "Multi-storey residential buildings".

The Strobl team is particularly pleased with this assessment:

About Holzbaupreis Steiermark

For twenty years, there is the Holzbaupreis Steiermark. Acclaimed by the wood construction manager and "Better with wood", he documents and attributes Styrian wood building skills. Wood is the building material of the 21st century. "The dynamic that Styrian wood construction has developed goes a long way in the future, and we bring momentum, with professionals who understand their job, with architects whose ideas for wood are the number one material for those who will then live ecologically in the wooden construction ", underline the two initiators Oskar Beer and Josef King, masters of the guild. , "Better with wood" -man.
Beautiful, functional and innovative architecture goes hand-in-hand with wood construction expertise at the highest level – up to the performance limit of wood building material. Spans up to 50 meters in one piece of fine larch shingles, all this can be attributed to wood.
The jury selected nearly 180 entries based on architectural criteria, know-how and innovative features for 10 winners. In addition, the "Public Prize" for the most popular wooden construction and a special prize for the conservation of the culture of agricultural buildings were awarded via online voting.

All winners of the Holzbaupreis Steiermark 2019.

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