Ice Hockey: We miss a derby – Ice Hockey without Bad Liebenzell

Yes, you can say that. But we also positioned ourselves in the direction of the department so that we all came from the subject. We all have years of experience in ice hockey. And ice hockey is a village. It means: many are known. As a result, we knew who we could choose and where we could install it. However, having a good hand also means that you have to motivate the players in such a way that they want to stay because nobody really wins anything from us.

As a department manager, you are part of the team yourself. Is it an advantage or does it sometimes lack the necessary distance?

This is certainly not an advantage, you have to say it very clearly. It would be a lot easier if I were only a player. The good thing is that the boys accept this, we have the rule very clear: as soon as I go in the cabin, I am no more than a player. That's how I behave and all others behave towards me. We also do not talk in the booth about how we need to shape the club. Since I had a stomach ache early, that you can not separate it properly, but it works really well. Hat to the team!

You said before the season that you do not want to talk about promotion in the regional league, but only the top three are the goal. Is he still here?

Absolutely! So far, these are not victorious victories and we have not invaded the opponents. We really had to fight against Schwenningen and Esslingen. We always made the games in our favor in the last third, but they could have been very different. We stay on the ground and work hard. Something better than the top three should be discussed around Christmas when half of the season is over.

What do you do if you continue to be in first place at Christmas time?

Then we will call our sponsors first. At the moment, there is really a hype, we had against Esslingen a full room. Gigantic, how many spectators came, even though we did not even have a free ticket action. But we also know that when you get up and you do not win the games, the hype can collapse very quickly. We should create an acceptable team at the regional level. Five new players would definitely come. And unfortunately, we are also talking about money. So: Rise – yes, you must always argue, this chance is not always, but not at any price. We certainly do not want to take over financially.

For many years, Bad Bad Liebenzell has been a well-established regional ally in the area. Do you want and can you fill this gap?

I see it this way: every club is an enrichment for ice sports. And since we are not as good in Germany, every club that disappears leaves a void that can not be filled anymore. I have only been in Pforzheim for a few years, but I have heard of one or the other: it is back to Bad Liebenzell. It is nice to hear, but it is unlikely that we can fill the void, because every club that separates is missing.

But is not it beneficial for you in terms of spectator assistance that ESC Bad Liebenzell has disappeared from the map, at least for the moment?

This is a definite disadvantage. I would not say that we attract so many viewers around Bad Liebenzell. After all, there is at least 20 kilometers. First of all, we have to say very clearly: we are missing a derby without Bad Liebenzell. If something is created there, it would really be a beautiful story.

In addition to ice hockey, there has been a new category of bison in recent weeks: figure skating. Will it be tight in the St. Maur Room now?

It's really tight in the lobby. We also expanded the Junior Ice Hockey Zone, hired a full-time junior coach, and posted under-17 teams under 20 years of age. Now comes figure skating, where we won with Sonja Adalbert a very dedicated and professional coach. She is on duty five and a half hours a week to follow the level of performance she imagines. We all had to sit together, but I think we did it well. Now, the use is 90%. If we add curling, it will be tight (laughs). Then the tenant should give us extra time.

Wolfgang Scheidtweiler bought the St. Maur Hall from the city two years ago. At that time, ice hockey in Pforzheim was about to come out, but the city forced the tenant to keep the sport on ice for at least ten years. This period ends in 2027. Are you afraid that the existential question will arise sooner or later in Pforzheim?

This question concerns all the hockey clubs in the room. It's really sad. I read it recently: of the 14 LED clubs, twelve have financial and structural problems. We are very grateful to Mr. Scheidtweiler for taking over and renting the rink. But you can see clearly: a private investor is much more sensitive than the city. And public skating earns more than ice hockey and figure skating. We must adjust our schedules to make the public race attractive. You have to look at it this way: we can then play hockey successfully if the room is economically efficient. It's a compromise.

Do you see the city on duty? After all, you can not let the Pforzheim Ice Hockey Site die, now also dedicated to figure skating.

That's true. But I come from business myself, I am a pure sales engineer. I am a supporter of the fact that you should first realize that you can work economically, not immediately to municipalities. We have set up financial and technical means of sponsorship in order to work in a profitable way. And if that is so, it is always a sign for the city and the tenant: since you want to invest. It is not the point of urgency, but think of the future. We are also trying to develop concepts to improve the appearance of Pforzheim. For example, we have a classroom program where we hire trainers to bring children and teens to the ice, which in turn brings something to the city – and, of course, we are children. I am not of the opinion that the municipalities have the main duty, but the clubs have to organize for the municipalities to want to invest and to have something. The questions were asked by Tim Geideck.

Sunday, November 3, 7 pm

Bisons – EC Balingen

Sun 17 November, 7 pm Bisons – Stuttgarter EC 1b

Sunday, November 24, 7 pm Bisons – Schwenninger ERC

Sunday, December 8 at 19h

Bisons – TSG Reutlingen Sun., January 12 at 7 pm

Bisons – EC Eppelheim 1b

Sunday, February 2 at 19h

Bison – EKU Mannheim 1b

Sunday 16 February at 7 pm Bisons – ESG Esslingen Sunday March 15th at 7 pm Bisons – EC Balingen

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