Münster and Monastir celebrate 50 years of partnership: Münster and Monastir celebrate "Golden Wedding" – Münster

"The twinning of cities between Monastir and Münster is based on solid foundations, it is vital, it is as rare as the last 50 years and it has a future," says the press release of the city.

This experiment was carried out by a delegation of the council and the 16 participants of a citizen trip during meetings on the occasion of the "Golden wedding" between Münster and the Tunisian twin city. The Jubilee delegation of the city was made up of Mayor Markus Lewe <! –-> and city councilor Philipp Hagemann <! –-> and Thomas Kollmann. The latter is also president of the "Freundeskreis Münster – Monastir", which had organized the citizen trip.

At the invitation of the Tunisian partners, the delegation brought the group of Munster "Undercover". In collaboration with Mahmoud Frih and her band from Monastir, she gave an anniversary concert to more than 500 listeners, he added.

The technical discussions focused on interviews with Mayor Mondher Marzouk and other representatives of the municipal climate partnership. The two cities are working together, especially in the areas of resilience against heavy rainfall, planning for a growing city in times of climate change, and segregation and recycling of waste.

The "Freundeskreis Münster – Monastir" also discovered a project for babies and their mothers during the trip. It welcomes babies that their mother and family can not take care of and cares for until the age of 18 months. At the same time, mothers receive offers of support and training. To improve the offer, financial support is needed.

If you are interested in town twinning, contact Nina Dohr, 4 92 33 23, E-Mail: Dohr@stadt-muenster.de.

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