Native Cloud: DC / OS 2.0 complements the company's security features

D2iQ – formerly Mesosphere – released version 2.0 of its DC / OS container platform. This includes primarily a number of security features designed to better implement security aspects in organizations. In addition, this release provides extended support for the operating system and Windows, at least in beta. Another new feature is the Node Dump feature, which is designed to improve cluster reliability and give businesses more leeway through a multi-tenant architecture.

In a blog post, the company summarizes the improvements made to the security. As a result, the OpenSSL Transport Layer Security software used in DC / OS has been updated to version 1.1.1, released in September. There was also an update for CockroachDB, which D2iQ wants to fix some vulnerabilities.

Another novelty: the ability to use TLS certificates for verification purposes. This should help companies secure the communication channels of a cluster. With the new Expositor Lockdown feature, organizations can protect themselves against denial of service attacks and the addition of dangerous third-party services.

With Node Dump, users should be able to increase the reliability of their clusters in maintenance situations by turning nodes off more slowly. D2iQ has also probably improved logging so companies can detect errors faster and no longer rely on support.

Users can now also set the resource quota for their applications in DC / OS. This should allow companies that rely on a multi-tenant architecture to ensure that the performance of one service does not have a negative impact on others.

Anyone working with Windows systems in their enterprise can now benefit from the operating system support for DC / OS. Initially, however, support is only available in a beta version. Find more information in the release notes.


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