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Nvidia Ampere – Considerably more power, VRAM and stable prices?

Rumors about Nvidia's successor to Turing's graphics processor in the form of amps support, among other things, higher clock frequencies and more video memory.

Nvidia is providing its partners with more concrete information on the new generation of Ampere graphics cards. According to a contribution from Reddit now removed, Raytracing remains topical.

Information from an unspecified source has been picked up by 3D Center and more recently by Wccftech. When dealing with pure rumors, it should be treated with caution.

The most interesting (but not necessarily surprising) aspects of our point of view are the more performancewho fail to be bigger between Turing and Pascal and also for the raytracing performance should apply, the Increase in the amount of VRAM and the Price question,

The ray tracing remains in the center

In our current graphics card testing system, the RTX 2080 Ti is about 30 to 40 percent ahead of the GTX 1080 Ti. It remains to be seen whether a possible RTX 3080 Ti will offer an even better leap compared to its predecessor.

For increased performance, in addition to the amp architecture, GPU clock frequency greater than 100 to 200 MHz involved. The new manufacturing process in 7 nm At the same time, it should reduce the voltages and off the high-end models low energy consumption to make possible.

After Nvidia focused on Turing Spray and about a year after the launch of the RTX 2000 graphics processors, efforts to integrate energy-intensive rendering technology into games are also expected. will be.

So the raytracing performance according to rumors Rise "massive"but the concrete figures are not mentioned. It can be assumed that the highest performance is obtained both by a higher number of RT units and by their optimization.

Is there 8.0 GB VRAM in the middle class?

In addition, Nvidia's new mid-size GTX 1660 Super has 6.0GB of VRAM memory. On the other hand, Nvidia could offer for the first time 8.0 GB to the middle class.

A point of criticism, especially in this country frequently used with a vision of the middle class of Nvidia, could belong to the past with amps because the rumors speak of a Increase video storage across the wallet,

This suggests that with the midrange amplifiers, 8.0 GB of VRAM could become the norm, as was the case with AMD for a long time.

A major criticism of Turing's architecture was also the price, According to rumors, at least the Top models x80 Ti and x80 of the Ampere generation a little cheaper to be. On the other hand, few changes are expected for the other GPUs.

What does AMD do?

While AMD's Radeon RX 5700 XT is fast and relatively efficient, it can not compete with Nvidia's high-end RTX 2080 Ti.

Especially with regard to the price issue, it will be very important to know how fast The new generation of AMD graphics cards In the end, in the top performance segment.

Nvidia's high-end RTX 2080 Ti model is no longer within the reach of AMD at the moment, and without competition, Nvidia can demand high prices, even if it is unpopular with many players.

The fact that AMD fought with Nvidia for the throne of absolute performance goes back several years now. It is, however, probably more difficult to predict whether this will change with Navi 2 compared to the expected performance of Nvidia's graphics cards.

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