Parents protest against construction projects in the center of Bünde

City Council: The development plan is approved for the parcel at the corner of Penningstraße / Heidkampstraße. It is planned to build a residential building and commercial five to six floors, a thorn in the back of the neighborhood.

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Frets. Under the title "Quartier an der Alten Kaffeerösterei", a residential and commercial building is to be built at the corner of Penningstraße and Heidkampstrasse in the city center of Bünder. The builder is Bünder Jens Westerbeck, who plans to build 2,200 square meters of living spaces and 500 square meters of commercial space. In the questionnaire, four citizens criticized the planned height of construction, which is currently planned to measure 17.60 meters, reported during the questionnaire session 20 apartments and commercial premises Many parents whose children go to the market Kindergarten – directly in front of the parking – on which the building must be built, are disturbed, that the outside of the device then grö would be tentiles and lying all day in the shade. About six years ago, the new building, which adjoins the Kita site on the east side, caused a tumult. However, the project only provided a little over 13 meters in height and was then reduced to 12.50 meters. He did not swallow as much sunlight as initially feared him. "But the construction planned on the parking lot would be very different," says Brigitte Lehmkuhl, who runs the nursery market and speaks with the heart to the parents of the nearly 100 children who visit the premises. "Group", which would have a direct view on the construction project, because of the dreaded shadow already called "Grottenmolche". The height of the house, which should include 20 apartments as well as shops, is, according to Brigitte Lehmkuhl, one of the other problem is the increasing number of vehicles on the Heidkampstrasse, both because of the new residents and delivery traffic from the stores that move in. "The nursery has not reported so far" At the suggestion of a citizen at the council's questionnaire session On October 9, for the shadow to be calculated first, the Technical assistant Andreas Siepenkothen replied: "The child ergarten has not yet reported on this public test, which is why I guess it's not seen as affected by this project as it is in the neighboring building a few years ago. "However, Siepenkothen also explained to the citizens, during question period, that the project was still part of the development plan and was not yet in the development phase. construction law. In the subsequent course, it is only necessary to maintain distances with other buildings or roads – as well as with building heights. Basically, the dimensions of the building currently specified as "windows to see in which an architect can move". Soon, the neighbors – including the children's garden on the other side of the street – are involved and can comment on the plans, so Andreas Siepenkothen As Jens Westerbeck explained a year ago, More than thirty years ago, her parents bought and renovated the old roasted coffee located next door, which also includes the parking on which the building is to be built. "The Kita grounds are in any case shaded by trees" Architect Peter Hartmann said about the trade last October that he could, for example, imagine a market for organic products in an email sent to nw. that he had sent on his own initiative the day after the Council meeting of 9 October. The architect commented on the parents' criticism that kindergartens in neighboring towns are often "medium-sized". n building structures are fringed. "Extract, it is written in his letter:" The nursery of the Heidkampstraße is located in a stock of protected hardwood and therefore in the shade of the trees. In addition, it is essential that the construction of the planned building does not affect any rights of the neighborhood ", explains the architect.

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