Schwanentunnel B10 / B14: For a long time due to construction work: Tunnel tunnel B10 / B14

On the path of Göppingen and Geislingen In the direction of Stuttgart, motorists must during the extended weekend All Saints Day to make significant handicaps.

The reason is a complete closure of the Tunnels Schwanenplatz B10 / 14 in the direction of the city center from Thursday 31st October at 8pm. of Halloween until Monday, November 4 at 5 am, there is no direct way to the city center.

Blocking Schwanentunnel: only one lane outside the city remains open

Although local detours tagged, but is around Leuze and Wilhelma despite the holiday break with massive disabled count. This also applies to the Ulm B10 towards Vaihingen / Enz. Since the end of September, each track had to be closed again and again. Now follows a unilateral Vollsperrungwhile the exit of the city will remain at least partially open.

Change for public transport or get around

Motorists should as much as possible public transport change or circumvent the area. The work is linked to the Stuttgart 21 railway project and the Rosenstein Tunnel the B10 under the Wilhelma, which should be completed by the end of 2022 and should allow road traffic an underground highway-type shortcut to Pragsattel.

Monday partial closure between Ebersbach and Reichenbach

Incidentally, from Monday, November 4, new obstacles threaten the B10 from Göppingen to Stuttgart, because between Ebersbach and Reichenbach the railings are renewed in the middle. Outside of the rush hour, this is until november 30th a lane blocked in both directions.

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