Structuring BIM projects in practice – DETAIL

AIA: the continuation of the program of the room

Basically, the AIA, as alleged information required by the customer, describes the information required by a customer or a customer for his subcontractor or his architect. The AIA can be understood as an update of the well-known space program, which is supplemented by the information required in the BIM process, responsibilities and IT requirements. These are already familiar to many planners from previous CAD guidelines.

Kerstin Hausknecht, Managing Director of Munich-based AEC3 GmbH, processes BIM processes and their AIA and BAP databases daily. Your BIMQ service platform offers support for exactly these topics. She emphasizes: "Thanks to the AIA, we have a better control of the progress of the planning which benefits all.The predefined requirements allow a control of technical quality.I can compare: what were the requirements in information and are they fulfilled by all? "

Course Book for the Project: The BIM Settlement Plan (BAP)

The BIM resolution plan defines who can provide the required information in what form and how the objectives of the AIA can be achieved by each person. It is binding for all participants in the planning process and, unlike the AIA, can be adapted by project participants during the planning process. The BAP focuses on everyone and should make the planning process safer, reduce the error rate and improve quality. When working in a BIM project, regardless of the size of the project, the BAP is not an alternative.

Coordination in the BIM planning process

In the BIM process, the planning software of the coordinating architect is of particular importance. It can integrate the AIA into the program workflow at the beginning of the project with BIM planning solutions such as ArchiCAD. Platform-specific BIM specifications such as BIMQ, as well as work steps, subprocesses and depth of detail and information needed for planning phases can be transferred directly to ArchiCAD. BIMQ offers in its database customizable AIA templates, as well as the export of properties required for various BIM planning solutions and BIM test tools.

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