The market is changing rapidly and important components are still under development: study of the global ecosystem of numerical values

Berlin, October 30
– that Blockchain of the Frankfurt School
(FSBC), a Think Tank and research center addressing the implications of blockchain technology for businesses and
Busy economy
Block State, the provider of Swiss security tokens for SMEs and real estate,
to have
about the global ecosystem of expanding security tokens
Create transparency in the young industry. The study analyzes the actors in the value chain of numerical values ​​and highlights a number of factors that underlie the maturity of numerical values.
Entertainment industry. Part of the study concerns blockchain infrastructure providers, issuance services, banks, secondary markets and

Become digital values
often celebrated as a new paradigm of capital market infrastructures, as they promise a more efficient financial market. Tokenization improves in particular the operational efficiency, the transparency of
Transactions and have the potential financial markets of many intermediaries
release and
Automate processes. The associated profitability improves access to the capital market for both issuers and

"The globalized financial markets of our time are
from the dawn of the digital infrastructure in the 1970s to the highly complex systems of interrelated networks, actors, processes and technologies "
Paul Claudius, founder and CEO of BlockState. "The introduction of a new technology such as Blockchain attracts many newcomers to the market.
With this study, we want to show who are the market players in this emerging industry
are ".

"The ecosystem of security tokens is growing very rapidly, not just the new ones
Projects, but also established market players, adopt technology. "
says Philipp Sandner, director of Frankfurt
School Blockchain Centers."It is essential to monitor the market evolution of this new industry.After all, in a few years, every stock, every coupon and every
In general, each security runs on a blockchain system and therefore a security token
to be ".

Although the potential of technology is widely recognized
and a growing number of applications are being observed, some of the most anticipated building blocks are still in development: Stock exchanges that regulate regulated digital trading
Supports titles, currently go with test phases at the beginning. Stock exchanges developed by existing stock exchanges (eg Stuttgart Stock Exchange or SDX the
The Swiss stock market has attracted a lot of attention because it can rely on large trading volumes and established investor groups. It's okay
expects the first regulated exchanges to be operational in 2020.

Geographically speaking
The market is growing globally, despite the tendency to focus on a few geographical areas. In particular, the well-known leaders of the financial sector,
Startup and Tech, like the United States, Germany and Switzerland, attract entrepreneurs and talent to places with a high concentration of small assets. So reinforced by
Nature's Leadership in Security Token Services.


  • actors: Germany is leading Europe with 19 companies playing an active role in the ecosystem. Especially for issuing service providers (9 companies)
    provides Germany's role as European pioneer the FinTech scene proved. Global dominates the United States, with more than four times more
    Company (84)
    who work on digital titles, such as the second in the list, Germany.
  • funding: 71% of investors who have invested directly in digital stocks or in a company involved in security tokens are
    non-specific traditional chain block investors
  • infrastructure: Infrastructure providers rely heavily on public consensus algorithms (67%). Even non-public solutions have been developed (33%), especially
    Troubleshoot security and privacy issues
  • view: Although there is currently a lack of active secondary markets, many companies are preparing to fill this gap. Nearly a quarter of
    (47 companies) are companies that are waiting for approval of their finished products or are actively developing their own trading platforms.


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with a reference to the source
: Block State

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Please, Carl Bruns

About BlockState: The technology startup based in Berlin
and in the Swiss train was founded in 2017. BlockState develops infrastructure products based on blockchain technology, transparent, adaptable and effective for financial institutions
facilitate this market access for cryptographic assets and their existing processes

About the center of the Blockchain School Frankfurt: the
The Blockchain School Frankfurt is a think tank and research center providing businesses with the use of Blockchain technology, cryptographic assets and distributed book technology (DLT).
and studied their business models. In addition to developing prototypes, it serves as a platform for managers, start-ups, technology and industry experts to exchange knowledge and skills.


Precision: Research for this study
were conducted with the aim of providing an up-to-date overview of the ecosystem of security tokens. The methodological clarification aims to make this study as transparent as possible and easy to
make understandable. This study does not guarantee accuracy, it relies on publicly available information and should not be considered official information, but as
a first glimpse of a complex and constantly evolving

Selection criteria: All examined
Companies are part of the value chain of security tokens. We have companies regardless of their geographical location

  • infrastructure: There was
    Projects that provide a work infrastructure that can generate and distribute tokens. This was not limited to public availability,
    but also the private structures used by the client companies.
  • broadcast platforms: Any company already actively planning or promoting the launch of an STO emissions platform has been included. This was limited to
    Platforms that are or will be operated with the same corporate identity. Companies working on platforms for other projects have not been included.
  • investors: each
    Included company, which has invested in a company mainly offering services related to security tokens. If a company established in another sector
    was founded and expanded to numeric values, its investors were not included. Exceptions include subcontractors, who come from established businesses
    For this reason, as long as the investments were made exclusively in favor of the newly created company.
  • Secondary markets: at
    Secondary markets include companies that currently offer stock exchanges, as well as companies that develop their own trading solutions or seek approval.
  • banks: Banks were
    to the extent that they have participated in a specific use of security tokens at the institutional level. The list in our datasheet does not need a main focus
    on security tokens, nor need a permanent service related to security tokens.
  • Quantitative methods: Figures and diagrams are based on the responses available for each category. The data is up-to-date until 13.09.2019. Not at all
    In all cases, all sources had available data, but we avoided categories with a small sample in favor of more detailed representations.

sources: Sources include corporate websites,
blogs and related social media accounts, as well as secondary sources online. An excerpt from the latter is listed below, for a complete list, see
right here,

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