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The architects Canzler and Pielok Marquardt began their cooperation three years ago in the revitalization of the Pollux office building and jointly implemented various planning and consulting projects in the fields of offices, logistics , the kitchen and the canteen. In early 2017, Canzler acquired a 70% stake in Pielok Marquardt Architekten and in July 2019 the two companies were fully merged into one entity. The name, which has existed for over 25 years, continues under the brand name Pielok Marquardt – Architecture by Canzler and has its own website, as they are known as general planners and architects competent in the construction of offices and housing in the Rhine-Main region.

"When the talks with Pielok Marquardt began three years ago, the focus was on the development of general planning services and the development of the field of architecture," says Andreas Masiorek, the author of the report. one of the managing directors of Canzler's strategic direction. "The short distances within the office make it much easier to promote the interdisciplinary collaboration between our architects and our engineers.With our project teams of experienced specialists, architects and project managers, we can provide in-house many planning, consulting and control services. "The general planning company Canzler, with its 65 years of market presence, manages an average total volume of 250 million euros of structural engineering . It covers the entire spectrum, which focuses on the construction and revitalization of office buildings, including the interior concepts for casinos and canteens, and also extends to the area. industry and logistics. In addition, planners and engineers oversee housing construction and neighborhood development projects.

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