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Munich: makeup tips for Halloween – Munich

Whether it is a known character or a disgusting accident victim, you can really catch the bucket of paint on the last day of October. Then get the scary mask to make yours.

Alexandra Parsic looks scared. His face is covered with remains of tissue and bloody wounds are visible below. The color of her eyes is yellow, she reflects on her interlocutor. "I'm made up like a scarcrowe, it's a scarecrow," she says. As the general manager of the Halloween Gore store in Müllerstraße, which has a behind-the-scenes drilling studio, she is an expert in skin and horror. His shop is packed the days before Halloween. Nausea is caused by scary masks and accessories that fill the shop from top to bottom, but not by visitors – although some carry very realistic, bloody or purulent wounds.

Halloween has long since arrived in Germany as a trend. In Munich, there are many public and private events, where a costume is essential and an elaborate make-up is the free style. Parsic has also staffed. For her own mask, she stuck a piece of cloth on her face with a skin glue: "It can be a piece of potato bag or a bag of coffee, then a little blood gel underneath, some contact lenses, that's all ". She and her team have the South German newspaper Instructions for different Halloween looks given.

Even zombie

Ghosts and vampires have survived technical progress and psychoanalysis. But a frightening contemporary scary figure puts them a lot.By Thomas Steinfeld

The trends are mainly defined by the movies. The "Joker" of the film of the same name and the "Maleficent" fairy, played on the screen by Angelina Jolie, are particularly popular this year. Even classics like the vampire always go. In all the costumes, especially the horror clown, according to Parsic: "Do not scare anyone to death! Some come from reflex when they are very scared." Anna Weiss

Bold: the horror clown

Heath Ledger, Jared Leto, Phoenix Joaquin: They all played the "Joker", also known as the horror clown. With this mask, you can choose your model. For this, prime the face on a large surface with a white makeup. Either accurately with white fat (Phoenix) or, bolder (Ledger), with light makeup. For the characteristic face, extend the corners of the mouth with red makeup by forming a broad line up to the middle of the cheek.

For a more realistic effect, you can apply blood gel on the drawn lines. For the Ledger Joker, apply a dirty blue-green makeup around the eyes. In the Phoenix Joker, eye makeup looks more like the classic harlequin: paint a diamond in blue or green that frames the eye. Both variants are perfect for gross motor skills. For the slippery Joker, which Leto plays in the movie "Suicide Squad", fine tattoos on the face can be painted with an eyeliner. The eye-catcher par excellence: green lacquer. Anna Weiss

Sharp: the witch crunch

"Crunchy, crispy, crisp …" For 45 years, the musical theater Hansel and Gretel with the wicked witch already appearing in the standard repertoire of the Gärtnerplatztheater. To get into the streets of this scary fairy tale character, you need an artificial nose and an artificial chin available online. It is best to fix the nose and chin with a soft adhesive for the skin on the face.

(Photo: Christian POGO Zach)

And then comes the witch's creative freestyle: with fat and strong contrasts, new facial features are created. The widened mouth and nose, the hollow cheeks and the oversized eyebrows are a witch as crisp as makeup and makeup hands. And of course, the gap between the teeth created with the tooth polish should not be missed. But beware: the new facial features do not make up too much, but work gradually with several colors. Overall, mask making takes about 45 minutes. Bernadette Rauscher

Colorful: the neon skull

For those who want to have less thirsty for blood, is an insane skull (third mask of the right). In a classic way, the face is painted white and decorated with different colors, complex makeup for the eyes, with flowers painted on the face, inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead. It is easier to prime the skin with normal makeup and put a piece of cut mesh panty on the face. With the help of a large brush, for example for Red, take different colors of powder and dust on the face.

(Photo: Stephan Rumpf)

This creates a colorful highlight with a fine pattern on the skin. This year, according to makeup experts, the neon colors are announced. The eye area may be darkened over a large area, so as to resemble the eye caves of the skull. Brush the tip of the nose with black paint. To make up the mouth with a dental prosthesis: to surround the lips of black paint, to extend the line going from the corners of the mouth in the middle of the cheek. Paint on the lips narrow vertical lines. If you wish, you can decorate your makeup with sparkling dust or pebbles. Anna Weiss

Classic: the wound in the face

Probably the most watched mask on Halloween, for which it takes time. First of all, the face should be removed and / or rid of excess fat. Then, the wound is glued with skin glue, it is usually included in each "set of wounds". Press firmly, then make up the edges so that the transition between your skin and your skin is not striking: first, use your own primer, or a flesh-colored makeup, to blind the edges. Then refine with the colors included in the Halloween set.

(Photo: Stephan Rumpf)

If you do not have a Halloween set, you can choose colors ranging from beige to red through red. "Important: always work from light to dark and do not get too dark," says makeup expert Parsic. It works best with a make-up sponge (see photo). These suit as a makeup aid for clean transitions in all Halloween masks. The wounds appear particularly pernicious when they are stressed by a blood gel. The rest of the face may like to stay simple. Anna Weiss