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The public space initiative – viewing on the moon

Public Space Initiative A non-profit advertising trailer for public review. Our goal: Put a network of tubes and cubes on a low Earth orbit and a lunar orbit that transmits live videos, experiments and data that is accessible free of charge to our website for public and schools around the world for live educational experiments in space. We will work next to students, students and many others. I have chosen to go with Interorbital Systems as a Launch Company after long talks with CEO Randa Milliron. I'm sure its rockets will bring us to the moon. We have created a board consisting of a museum historian and curator and the president of the local astronomical community to ensure the success of these projects. We're almost there people, I've been working hard since April 4 to get this far. We have a plan, we have a path to the orbit, we have to start the advertising campaign. You can contribute to the main channel page of this youtube channel, it is highly appreciated that the only way it will fail is if the community does not support it!

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Editing video by: Paul Flores
Rocket series

Increasing Video Credit Card on Earth: JAXA

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Thank you, Paul Flores
Public space initiative
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