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Biofilm design is a term that refers to the relationship between our built environment and the living world around us. It talks about our innate love for nature, the biosphere, and our relationship with living systems. This tiny house is designed to incorporate bio-friendly design and natural building elements to create a wheelhouse that is beautiful, natural and healthy to live in, proving that a tiny home can truly be capable of having a great positive impact.

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Walker and Heather were inspired to create a home that incorporated their love of nature and passion to live a low-impact lifestyle, and together with builder Ben from Healthy Tiny Homes in Vancouver built the ideal tiny house their back-yard in Portland, Oregon.

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Adding to the biophilic design elements, the home also incorporates some really interesting features, such as a live roof where the roof is designed to follow the Fibonacci curve and mimics the design of a sheet. Adding a living roof to a tiny house is a great achievement, and Walker admits it's a bit of an experiment.

To find out more about this tiny house, you can visit the Walkers website, which hosts blogs on Renaissance architecture and tiny house design.

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In this video tour, Walker cites the Living Building Challenge as inspiration. You can find out more about the LBC and its principles here:

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