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In view of an extension of the Einspurigkeit in front of the main train station until 2022, the Chamber of Commerce is calling for more free public transport. OB Czisch makes three suggestions.

The choice of words is clear: Otto Sälzle, managing director of Ulmer, speaks of an "emergency situation" and a "dramatic situation" of Ulmer retailers . Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI). He already receives letters of thanks from the surrounding communities, as customers now prefer to shop there. The reason is a chaos of traffic in Ulm, which is now threatening to go into prolongation: after reporting an extension of guidance on a lane is postponed until mid-2022, many traders would see no prospect. Sälzle sees a need for action.

Fewer people on Ulmer Hirschstraße

The decline in sales began with the demolition of the Sedelhof garage in 2013, said Michael Klamser, director of Sport Klamser and president of the Ulmer City advertising community. Querbeet, across all industries, sales have declined, which can also be expressed in figures, as the recitation Josef Röll, retail expert of Ulmer IHK: Over the years, Ulm has been ranked in the firm of the consulting firm Jones Lang La Salle, one of the busiest been passed through. In Ulm, before the demolition of the Sedelhofgarage 2012, a Saturday in late April, in one hour, 8620 passersby were counted. That meant rank 14 in GermanyThe last published census took place in 2018. Thus, in Ulm, only 5395 passers were counted on a Saturday in April. In the standings, Ulm slipped to 35th place. His own accounts of the IHK have followed this trend.

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As Sälzle points out, the dealer is not fundamentally against construction measures. It is right that the 762 lost parking spaces be replaced. However, reseller resilience would have limitations. Sälzle asked IHK and the traffic planners to sit down and discuss opportunities for improvement.

Problems: Einspurigkeit the junction Olga / Neutorstraße Friedrich-Ebert-Straße

The main problem from Sälzle's point of view is not the unanimity of Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse herself. The stumbling block was – especially on Saturday – the Olga / Neutorstraße junction. "I'll do it once, so I'll never be back," said Sälzle. Already in a report of the year 2013, the crossing is attested by considerable waiting times. After the opening of the Sedelhöfe, when the 700 parking spaces are emptied, the situation will get worse. Sälzle: "It will be a permanent problem." Ulm could expect the city to improve its performance.

From the point of view of the IHK, a solution to the problem of construction time would be to allow the user of the Deutschhaus car park to exit also towards the south, ie towards Ehinger Tor . The administration of the building of Ulm having already integrated the presentation of the plans of the extension of the traffic management to a lane, it does not work. For reasons of space and because a large part of the traffic would be overcome. Aware of this assessment, proposes to the IHK, in this case, to immediately investigate the change of direction one way: the direction of the Friedrich-Ebert-Straße towards the Ehinger gate instead of the theater would, according to the IHK, at the Olga / Neutorstraße junction. and relieve the Blaubeurer gyroscope. The Deutschhaus was accessible from both sides in this game of ideas.

Free public transport even during the week of Advent?

The maintenance of free local traffic on Saturdays is not sufficiently advanced from the point of view of the organized dealer: the IHK proposes to extend public transport until the end of the Advent construction period and until January 6th. The IHK is aware that it costs money. "Until now, the costs are on the dealer side," said trading expert Röll. The money is there. After all, Ulm had been in a hurry when building the passage from the main station to Sedelhöfe as the city wanted to avoid a contract fine of nearly four million euros. This would be due if the underpass was not ready in time. In addition, IHK proposes a six-day week in three shifts at the construction site. Currently, work rests on Saturdays and is only done on two shifts.

The proposals of OB Czisch

The mayor of Ulms, Gunter Czisch, mayor of the city, criticized on request the fact that, as part of the construction sites, often forget that with the tram and the Sedelhöfen, the biggest projects of post-war history of Ulmer would arise. The Mayor assured in writing that all possible solutions in terms of traffic regulations would be scrupulously checked. In addition, Czisch proposes three concrete measures to the city council for approval:

Free public transportation on Saturdays should be offered until the end of the work.

The city increases its share of the campaign "Ulm, come" to 150,000 euros.

All construction sites underway and planned in the city should be subjected to a stress test. The negative effects of other measures on the situation at the station should be examined.

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