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Winner of the Builders Award of the Central Association of Architects of Austria 2019 – vai

The Bauherr Award of the Central Association of Architects recognizes the outstanding buildings, open space designs and urban planning solutions of the last three years, which are characterized in particular by the intensive cooperation between the client and the client. ;architect. Many of the more than 300 buildings attributed so far have become part of the canon of the history of Austrian architecture of the recent past.

Out of a total of 132 submissions, 24 projects had already been proposed. The main jury, composed of Andreas Cukrowicz (architect from Bregenz), Donatella Fioretti (Berlin architect) and Albert Kirchengast (advertising architect from Vienna), determined the six winners of the ZV-Bauherrenpreis 2019.

Streckhof with distillery | Client: Elisabeth and Claus Schneider | Architecture: Juri Troy Architects, Vienna
Completion: 8/2018

Upper Austria:
Wagyu stable at Hausruck | Client: Hubert and Diana Huemer | Architecture: Atelier Herbert Schrattenecker, Vienna
Structural engineering: DI Weilhartner ZT GmbH, Ried im Innkreis
Completion: 2018

House obd & rd Lech | Customer: Clemens Schmölz | Architecture: Hein Architekten / Matthias Hein, Bregenz and Gernot Thurnher, Feldkirch
Structural engineering: Andreas Gaisberger, Dornbirn
Completion: 1/2018

School Schendlingen | Client: City of Bregenz, Planning and Construction Department / Bernhard Fink | Architecture: studio bär, Bregenz; architects bernd riegger, dornbirn; Landscape, Dornbirn | Structural Design: Manfred Plankel, Bregenz
Completion: 8/2017

Elephant of the city | Client: Bloch-Bauer Drive 23 Real GmbH / Harald Höller, Christoph Leitner | Architecture: Franz & Sue, Vienna
Structural engineering: Petz ZT-GmbH, Vienna
Completion: 12/2018

Vienna University of Applied Arts | Client: BIG Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft, University Division / Wolfgang Gleissner, Hans Peter Weiss, Andreas Stampfer | Architecture: Riepl Kaufmann Bammer Architecture, Vienna | Structural Design: PCD ZT-GmbH, Vienna; Conzett Bronzini Partner, Chur
Completion: 9/2018

We congratulate all the winners!