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"Hotel am Park" extended 55 rooms – Rust

Revolutionary opens the works.

RUST (Bo). The Hotel am Park, located opposite the entrance of Europa-Park, will be completed by a new building of 55 rooms and about 150 beds. In the early 2000s, the company entered into business and since 2015 belongs to MWG Germany Immobilien aus der Schweiz. By the end of 2020, the company is waiting for completion. It invests six million euros. Saturday was the inauguration ceremony of the works.

Felix Schweizer, MWG representative, described the planned construction deadline as ambitious, but achievable. Mayor Kai-Achim Klare praised the good cooperation of the company and the planners with the municipality, the city council and the administration during the ceremony of inauguration of the works. At the entrance of the park, the planners of the Schmidt-Architekten office in Kenzingen had created a quality project in a perspective of urban development. Parking in the cornering area will receive separate entrance and exit at the request of the community. Felix Schweizer emphasized that cooperation with companies in the region is important for MWG. The company Kern de Mahlberg creates the shell. The building, which was demolished this year, will be replaced by a four-storey cube-shaped hotel wing with a flat roof. Terraces, trees and incisions are intended to loosen the appearance.

Nicole Deibel, director of the hotel, spoke of 53 family rooms, each accommodating four to five people. There will also be two accessible rooms. The Schmidt-Architekten architects opted for a modern form: they adopted the high window formats of existing hotel buildings in the architecture of the new building in order to combine the old building with the modern architecture of the new building. With the low-rise building, the restaurant will be expanded.

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