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It's Latin jazz: Roberto Fonseca and Ibrahim Maalouf

Berlin (dpa) – Since Cuban Roberto Fonseca was impressed by his debut 20 years ago, he is considered a jazz piano star. Why this continues to be so, can now listen to the multilayer album "Yesun".

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There, with Ibrahim Maalouf, a great European jazz trumpeter makes an appearance. He also recorded a very new solid record – Fonseca plays the trick.

He says about his ninth solo that it is now "the album that I've always wanted to do". Of course, these artists are happy to announce their new releases. But with "Yesun" (3rd Bureau / Wagram / Indigo), mix of jazz, bossa nova, salsa, mambo and rumba, but also of classical music, hip-hop, funk and electronic, one understands well the subject of l & # 39; ;artist.

"All my influences are present, all the sounds and vibrations that make me what I am," says the pianist, composer and arranger, recently awarded the highest medal of French culture. The tracks were recorded by a trio – next to Fonseca still drummer Raúl Herrera and bassist Yandy Martínez. In addition to the aforementioned Maalouf, the legendary American saxophonist Joe Lovano, Cuban rapper and singer Danay Suarez and the Bolero Mercedes Cortés musician will be among the guests.

The disc contains "a lot of Cuban music," says the pianist. "But not the usual clichés of maracas and cigars, but the deep stuff, the modern stuff and teases." He wants to "present a borderless Cuba, trying to build bridges between my Afro-Cuban roots and other musical styles," said Fonseca (44) about the global "yes" approach.

He made his live debut at the age of 15 and was part of the famous Buena Vista Social Club in the early 2000s. Fatoumata Diawara from Mali was part of his 2012 Grammy nominated album "Yo" , with which Fonseca then collaborated live ("At Home – Live in Marciac", 2015).

"I like to innovate," says the Cuban. And he does it with the mix of styles and genres of the new album as boldly as ever before – but without virtuous vanity. "When you're young, you want to say everything and play too many notes, and now that I'm more confident in my game, I realized that the best way to communicate with as many people as possible is to give them Space gives you to understand yourself. "

The trumpet of Ibrahim Maalouf features "Kachucha", one of the best pieces of "Yesun" by Roberto Fonseca. As this fantastic French-Lebanese musician has even internalized Latin jazz, he is proving his "studio" album, "S3NS" (Mister Ibe / V2).

With "Una Rosa Blanca", groovy is about to begin, a group of ten heads, mainly French, produces only Latin American rhythms, and finally, Barack Obama pays tribute to peace as a tape recorder (sigh. ..). "Happy Face" is a sort of big-band jazz-pop song – you can not only see here that Maalouf (38 years old) played with Sting, so he did not stay in a niche.

As wonderful as the most lush cast of "S3NS" harmonises – in the end it is Cuban pianists Harold Lopez Nussa, Alfredo Rodriguez and Roberto Fonseca ("Gebrayel"), who navigate between Latin jazz, big sound band, pop and funk rock The tracks bear their mark.

Always in harmony with the variable trumpet sound of Maalouf, he is not only a master of his art for nearly 20 years, but also a quality descendant for a family of musicians and artists: son of trumpet player Nassim Maalouf and pianist Nada Maalouf; Nephew of the writer Amin Maalouf; Grandson of Rushdi Maalouf, journalist, poet and musicologist. In any case, with "S3NS", he can also be very happy in this family context.

Dates of the tour Roberto Fonseca: 27.11.2019 Munich, Bayerischer Hof, 28.11. Berlin, Quasimodo, 01.01.2020 Cologne, Philharmonic (New Year Concert), 26.03. Geneva, Espace Velodrome, 17.04. Innsbruck, tba, 18.04. Zurich, Moods, 19.04. Bern, Bee-Flat, 22.04. Frankfurt / Main, Alte Oper (with the Bigband HR), 23.04. Kassel, Staatstheater (with the hr-Bigband), 26.04. Karlsruhe, madhouse, 24.06. Basel, Jazz & Art at the Kunstmuseum Basel