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New Distinctive building Experimenta rewarded

November 18, 2019, 7:04 pm

Heilbronn The Stuttgart Real Estate Association values ​​the new building as a "special class building" and praises dynamic architecture. The Schwarz Foundation is proud of this recognized concept. For example, a special facade eliminates the need for sunscreen.

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Awarded for intelligent architecture: the Heilbronn Experimenta.

Photo: Mario Berger


Awarded for intelligent architecture: the Heilbronn Experimenta.

Photo: Mario Berger

The Immobilienwirtschaft Stuttgart (IWS) 2019 real estate prize for outstanding and innovative real estate has been rewarded by the Heilbronn Experimenta. The Science Center with its new eye-catching building won the award in the "Special Building" category.

The jury rents the bazaar of the building and the great panorama of the city

The jury rented the new twisted building according to the plans of the Berlin architects Sauerbruch Hutton as a "special class building". The building visibly and dynamically screwed up on the Kraneninsel, giving a "good look" to the city. The innovation component is convincing because the project is a multiplier in education.

The client was Schwarz Real Estate GmbH from the Dieter Schwarz Foundation. He is proud that the jury "recognizes the concept of high quality and exceptional construction," said Silke Lohmiller, Executive Director, about the award. Every two years, the IWS prize is awarded.

The claim of the Science Center, which is synonymous with experimentation, knowledge and innovation, is also reflected in the construction and spectacular architecture, believes Lohmiller. A striking feature of the building, for example, is that it leads visitors up into a room spiral.

Special elements are the 180 degree rotating scientific dome and the modern roof observatory. In addition, the heating and cooling load of the building is reduced thanks to a specially printed exterior. Sun protection is not necessary for this reason.

Carsten Friese


With the introduction of the Euro, Carsten Friese joined the Heilbronner Stimme in January 2002. His main areas of interest are traffic, judicial and police issues, weather / climate, environmental issues, social affairs and the districts of Heilbronn. He also leads the Knowledge Knowledge Team.