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The Museum of Bavarian History in Regensburg receives a prize from the real estate sector

The winners of this year's FIABCI Award of Excellence were announced: Gold won the Metropolehaus of the Jewish Museum in Berlin in the Housing category and the House of Bavarian History in Regensburg in the category of shops.

REGENSBURG The award ceremony of the Project Development Competition, sponsored by Fiabci Germany and the BFW Bundesverband Freier Immobilien- und Wohnungsunternehmen, took place on November 15 at the Ewerk in Berlin.

The two winning projects will now be submitted as German nominations to the Fiabci Awards of Excellence International Awards 2020, which will be presented in the Philippines next May.

Among the nominations presented this year by 15 cities, the following projects received the Fiabci Award for Excellence Germany:

Michael Heming, President of Fiabci Germany and Jury Member, spoke about the diversity of winning projects: "These cover the entire construction sector in Germany – starting with conversion, new construction and revitalization. inventory and rehabilitation in the residential and commercial sector, The winning teams were selected by a jury of twelve members, representing all of the evaluation criteria.The successful implementation is based on seven criteria: concept, architecture, sustainability, building process, innovation, brand development and urban integration. "

Andreas Ibel, President of the BFW Bundesverband Freier Immobilien- und Wohnungsunternehmen and Jury Member, congratulated the participants and spoke about the great challenges facing the project developers today: "Given the regulatory jungle, it is increasingly difficult to plan and build in a cost-effective, innovative and sustainable way, however, the exceptional projects in our competition show that it is always possible: a built environment has been created to meet the needs of residents and residents. users and enrich their lives and their environment, so we do not just want to award a prize, we want to inspire them by rewarding these forward-looking projects! "

The Museum of Bavarian History rewarded

"With the construction of the House of Bavarian History, the challenge of reconciling the architectural requirements of a museum with the World Heritage town planning restrictions of the World Heritage-listed Old Town of Regensburg." of UNESCO has been perfectly mastered, "explained the explanatory notes. "A great sculptural form has been created, which stems from the context of the historic old town and incorporates elements of the city's structure such as alleys, streets, squares and the intertwined roof landscape." Regensburg's historic rooftops were incorporated into the new building and the concept of design was born from the understanding of museography. "The verdict of the jury is as follows. "An in-depth examination of the Regensburg Old Town's urban planning context as well as the creation of innovative and interactive museum operations reward the Gold Award 2019 jury in the commercial category." In addition to satisfying the Museum requirements, the building has been authentically integrated into the environment of the best-preserved medieval town of Regensburg in Germany.The direct reference of architecture to the medieval roof structure of the old town of Regensburg has implemented in a conceptually coherent way, so all the operating technologies were placed in the basement and large windows were created, with Blickachsen in the old town and the cathedral. but coherent and thoughtful.The House of Bavarian History is one of the most modern museum buildings in Europe and constitutes, its transparency and attractive architecture, the successful interface between the open landscape of the Danube and the medieval town of Regensburg. "