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TV Tips: TV Tips Tuesday |

20:15, the first, veterinarian dr. Mertens: an irresistible offer, family series

On the way to work, Susanne (Elisabeth Lanz) meets a wolf near the zoo. In order for the State Office for the Environment to not know the animal and the coward at launch, start Georg and his colleagues from the "BUND" in a search operation. They find the wolf badly wounded in a trap for wild animals. Susanne is so busy with the injured animal that she missed the appointment with a major sponsor. Amal (Dennenesch Zoudé) is rightly not pleased with this because it is a lot of money for the South American factory.

20:15, Tele 5, a kind of murder, thriller

Success, a beautiful woman, the beautiful life in New York – the architect Walter Stackhouse (Patrick Wilson) seems to have everything. But he is as much an unsuccessful crime writer as his marriage is a misfortune. He is involved in an affair with Ellie (Eddie Maran) and an intelligent assassin: the bookseller Marty Kimmel (Vincent Kartheiser) murdered a woman. You can not prove anything to him.

20h15, kabel eins, subway, thriller action

With his unorthodox methods, Scott Roper (Eddie Murphy) is the number one negotiator. From his cowardly mouth, he speaks with the hostage takers in San Francisco. But when friend and colleague Sam de Roper is murdered by iced killer Korda (Michael Wincott), he opens the door with his new partner Kevin (Michael Rapaport). At the same time, Roper himself is targeted by the psycho-killer.

20:15, Servus TV, together, you are less alone, big city drama

Although the characters are very different, the shy Philibert (Laurent Stocker) and the franc-lover Franck (Guillaume Canet) hear well. They live together in a big apartment in Paris. But then, Philibert meets the pretty Camille (Audrey Tautou) and chaos breaks out in men.

22:35 pm, kabel eins, Shaft – Any questions ?, Thriller

After the assassination of a student, Walter Wade (Christian Bale), a descendant of the upper class of New York, is interviewed by Shaft (Samuel L. Jackson). But for Wade's father, a deposit of $ 200,000 is no problem. Once again, Wade leaves for Switzerland – and tops the list of people wanted by Shaft. Secretly, Wade returns to New York and, with the help of drug boss Hernandez (Jeffrey Wright), tries to eliminate the only witness to the murder, the waitress Diane (Toni Collette). Shaft starts a race against the clock.