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Contentious kindergarten planning – parking lots steal too much space – Freising

In the critical design opinion planning a new kindergarten in Lerchenfeld

Discussions are underway on the development of the property for the new kindergarten planned in Lerchenfeld. Last Monday, the responsible planners presented their concept. When dividing the site on the way to the hunt, they encountered criticism from some members of the advisory council. The main problem is that the parking spaces on the property are lacking space and that various conditions, such as noise control, make it difficult to lay out the land. Mayor Tobias Eschenbacher summed up the situation: "It's a good idea, but the many framework conditions mean that there is potential for conflict."

The architects Freisinger Gmeiner want to create the rooms for the nursery and the crib in the form of a "U" and separate them on two floors. The architect Matthias Czernik explained that the first thing to do is to protect the children from street noise: there is a toilet and a kitchen, and the children's meeting rooms point to the noise-protected inner courtyard. The latter criticized Wolf-Eckard Lüps, a member of the design advisory board. In his opinion, the rooms are poorly organized – they are finally oriented to the north and therefore do not allow much light.

The planned car parks have also been criticized. According to the plans of the architects, the parking space should be divided into two parts, so that employees park at the northern limit of the site, parents looking for and moving children in the south. The result is less noise for neighbors, planners argued, while equalizing traffic. Lüps, for one, said that two parking spaces are not profitable and that they sacrifice too much space for traffic areas. During the ensuing discussions, it turned out that parking lots in the north of the area had probably been taboo at first. When building a kindergarten, Barbara Schelle, builder of the city, said that it was not a few places – "this burden is borne by the neighbor North". This then led to the question of whether and why the planner should now plan to plant in the north.

Tobias Eschenbacher finally promised to re-examine the problem of parking spaces and determine if it was possible to alleviate the conditions. "It can not be that the property and the architecture are at the end," he said. In general, the design advisory board should be clear in its guidelines, noted Sebastian Habermeyer: "If we set a specification, the architects react and we say, otherwise it would be better: it's almost a bit unfair ", did he declare.

The advisory board appreciated the idea of ​​building a hill in the garden of the kindergarten and the nursery. Game elements should be installed, such as a stainless steel slide, which is also suitable for children in wheelchairs. At the same time, children could cross the hill directly in the open air, explains Felix Metzler, Toponauten Landscape Architecture Office: "The hill creates a link between the roof surface and the garden." In addition, he said that there was a panoramic separation between the kindergarten and the neighboring property, on which could eventually be created apartments or a retirement home. In the garden, a small stream is provided, that children can fill with water.