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Miami "buys" from three to six months: another obstacle crossed

( – The Miami Grand Prix organizers "bought" three to six months longer to break the contract with Formula One. For this, a major problem has now been created from the world . The ban on not being allowed to use public roads for the course has been lifted.

The projected city of Miami continues to pose problems zoom

Earlier, the County Council of Commissioners had banned the use of 199th Street in Miami after hearing from the locals. Mayor Carlo A. Jimenez vetoed and said it would be better to find a good solution for all parties. The Council supported this initiative, which did not reverse the mayor's veto.

The available time must be used to solve other problems. For this, Jimenez wants to work on a satisfactory solution for residents and promoters of the race.

"We need more time to deal with the Miami Dolphins, the MiamiGardens community and the racing fans, creating a win-win situation when Formula 1 lands in our state," he writes on Twitter. He is pleased that the board has vetoed the ban on using public roads.

Miami F1 Festival

Julia Piquet talks about the F1 festival in downtown Miami, where Emerson Fittipaldi and Takuma Sato, among others, have delighted fans. More Formula 1 videos

Jimenez is working to further highlight the benefits of a Formula One race in Miami. He speaks of an "international event" at a level comparable to the NFL Super Bowl. "We need to examine the issues closely and get the proper information before we start the idea from the start."

The Formula 1 race itself is scheduled for the 2021 season. The organizers and authorities will therefore have enough time to develop a concept adapted to the road race in the "Sunshine State".