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Ceremony of inauguration of the works of the new Alzeyer Kita "Am Rennweg"

It's already a good start: Peter Kaiser, Christoph Burkhard, Hans-Werner Stark, Erhard Botta, Steffen Jung, Heiko Sippel and Wilhelm Braun (left) at the inauguration ceremony on Monday.
(Photo: BilderKartell / Carsten Selak)

ALZEY – In exactly one year, kids are supposed to play, slide and ride a bike. Something is happening on the construction site of the kindergarten "Am Rennweg". The earthworks are already in full swing, the floor slab is still missing. However, according to architect Erhard Botta of the architecture firm of Darmstadt, the cast will still be presented this week. However, the wooden formwork already suggests the layout of the building: a two-storey building totaling 925 square meters on a plot of just over 2,000 square meters. The construction schedule of the five-group daycare is tight, but the architect and companies involved in the construction plan want to be ready for Christmas 2020.

Originally, the nursery run by Protestant Diakoniewerk Zoar was organized into four groups. But because the construction committee pulled the emergency brake for cost reasons, it had to be reprogrammed. The beginning of construction has also declined for about a year. It has become a four-group daycare, a five-group daycare – and the costs could be reduced (the AZ index reported).

Sustainability is a big topic

The daycare will be able to accommodate 100 children in the future, with two of the five groups being reserved for nursery children, one of them mixed with different ages. The building will be built of wood panels, explains the architect Botta. Peter Kaiser, director of Zoar, particularly appreciates this, because at Zoar, ecology and sustainability are also an important topic, he said. As a result, the outer zone should be created. Landscape architect Ute Wunsch von Wunsch and Schmitz from Bad Kreuznach attach importance to a large meadow and a dam that optically separates the parking lot from the playground. Fruit trees and a bed d & # 39; Herbs must offer children the closeness to nature. In general, it is important for children to "run, run and be outside," says the landscape architect: "The paved areas around the building have been specially designed so that children can drive them with their three wheels and their wheels. ".

The architect Botta also considers that the integration of nature into the interior of the building is very important. He wants to integrate the aspect of sustainability "so that it becomes a global concept," he says. And he already has an exact idea, wants a lot of wood. At his request, he also meets Peter Kaiser for approval. He says, "We build the furniture, no problem." Kaiser will soon be looking for a qualified staff and looking forward to the time when the daycare will be ready. also out of interest, he admits laughingly, because his brother's children have the age of kindergarten.

The need for child care spaces has increased in Alzey

The district's youth protection office also drew attention to the city's demand in 2015, said Mayor Christoph Burkhard. The Rennweg nursery is one of three facilities under construction to meet the growing demand for child care. The location on the Rennweg is doing very well, especially as in the development zone and south-east of the city, demand has increased. In total, the mayor expects costs of about four million euros for the overall construction of the day care center.