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All the protagonists of the illegal construction of a hangar at Ducos are

Ten people will be before the criminal court on October 7. They are being prosecuted by the project manager without a building permit for the storage and packaging of animal feed products in Ducos.

This is a blow for the mayor of Ducos Charles André Mencé, but also for the Madivial company and the Hayot consorts. All are summoned to the criminal court in early October.

In question, the construction of the animal feed silo near the Lourdes district in Ducos, without authorization or building permit.

It was the Assaupamar Association which alerted the authorities by filing a complaint in April 2018, for illegal construction.

The investigation established that the construction of this animal feed storage unit was illegal.

The building built on agricultural land has had its building permit canceled by the administrative court.

(Re) see the report of Martinique the 1st: Cécile Marre, Jean Marc Kennenga, Patrick Guittaud

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The protagonists risk individually up to 300,000 euros in fines and 1,500,000,000 euros for companies.

Criminal Court October 7, 2020

Renaud Gaudeul, the public prosecutor, refers the case of the construction of a food building to the criminal court. The hearing will take place on October 7, 2020.

The invitations have been sent:

– to the mayor of Ducos at the material time, Charles-André Mencé
– to the legal representative of the SCI owner of the land
– to AGRI'PROD, its legal representative MADIVIAL, as well as the legal representative of the agricultural cooperative.
– to the company that carried out the work, as well as its legal representative,
– to the architectural firm and its legal representative