Bassac Studio opens the doors of its new workshop-boutique on rue 294. A friendly place where the first creative workshop will take place on June 27 with the creation of terrazzo bedside lamps.

Already at the origin of many interior decorations of bars, restaurants and hotels in the Cambodian capital and in Siem Reap, Annie and Thommy Hin decided to have a storefront thanks to a friendly place they have completely renovated in their image. Their new workshop-boutique on rue 294 in Phnom Penh is both a showcase for their creations, a design office to work on their projects and a space dedicated to the creative workshops they plan to organize for children at opportunity for afternoon tea or for adults around an aperitif workshop. "Whatever we do, there will be creation and a dish to share, sharing is the main idea of ​​these workshops", explains Annie. Pottery, knitting, drawing, painting, salt dough and terrazzo, the two thirty-something do not lack imagination to allow everyone to develop their creative fiber by spending a warm moment. The first creative workshop will be held on Saturday June 27 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. with the creation of a terrazzo lamp.

bassac studio

Difficult to catalog the work of Annie and Thommy, the owners of Bassac Studio. The many activities offered by the couple all have design in common. “Our area of ​​competence is vast. We do global design, from creating a logo to the frame hanging on the wall, the cushions and the flower pot, all marked with our personal touch, the color ", develops the designer. “We carry out projects from start to finish and being in Cambodia makes our task a lot easier. It opens up perspectives. Everything is to be done in the interior design. Here Ikea does not exist and despite all people want a more functional, more cheerful and cheaper decoration than what we find in Cambodia today. We bring lightness to the material ”. The Franco-Cambodian couple has been living with their family in Cambodia for two years. Annie was already in the design sector in Paris, she specializes today in interior architecture. Thommy, a self-taught illustrator, still runs, but from a distance, a company that installs optical fiber in the French capital. "I am attached to both countries, I need to keep in touch with both cultures", specifies the Franco-Cambodian.

bassac studio
Thommy and Annie Hin. Photo provided

All the achievements of young entrepreneurs are made in Cambodia. They design contemporary, colorful and functional furniture to which they give a soul. Their personal touch can also be found in the web pages they create with their own graphic style or other ongoing projects such as the artistic direction of a paper magazine. Many projects have already come to fruition, including the new decor for the tapas bar on rue 240 or the production of the Bambujaya school brochure. "Annie is the head thinking she has lots of ideas, I am more manual, I like to discover new subjects" adds Thommy.

The workshop-boutique located at 33E1 rue 294 will be open during the first workshop to be held on June 27 from 2 to 4 p.m. The participation is 40 euros and includes a drink.