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Beaten CRS do not respond for fear of being accused of police violence

At Le Mans, two plainclothes officers were attacked. One of them dared not retaliate against a “black” woman who beat him up so as “especially not to talk about police violence”.

Increasingly surreal scenes… After the George Floyd affair in the United States, the multiple demonstrations taking advantage of anti-racists generate like a wave of hatred against the police, and indeed a fear among the police. . During the week of June 8, two CRS were attacked by a group of two women and a man. One of the officers had his leg broken. The other was attacked by one of the women, " black moreover "He said in a report that Le Parisien was able to consult. He did not respond to these blows.


During the night of June 11 to 12, two CRS decided to have a drink in a bar located in the city center of the Sarthe prefecture, after celebrating the departure of one of their own. But around the time the bar closed, plainclothes officers attempted to intervene in a heated argument between customers. They meet at the exit of the establishment. One of them, named Cédric, decides to " helping people who were being disturbed "Reveals Le Parisien. The second policeman, Laurent, relates the scene during the minutes the day after the facts: “ I joined him outside so as not to leave him alone. Then it went into a spin. Cédric showcased our quality. He said, "We are the police, calm down. It hasn't changed anything. It even had the opposite effect. "

"I especially didn't want to talk about police violence"

The officers decide to go inside the bar facing two women " furious "Including a minor and a man" quieter " But they won’t have time. Cédric is attacked by man. " He was on the ground, in a fetus position and he received a rain of blows Explains Laurent. He then notes that he suffers from a double tibia-fibula fracture. Laurent is then attacked by one of the women but he explained that he did not want to reply given " it was a woman, black moreover " He continues during the minutes: " With the particular context of the moment, I especially didn't want to talk about police violence. "The version of the facts was confirmed by a witness and the prosecution, says Le Parisien.

In shock, the officer named Cédric was prescribed a temporary 45-day incapacity for work (ITT). The general delegate of the Alliance police union, Frédéric Lagache, estimated that these facts were more frequent than before: " Some colleagues now prefer to refrain from responding to violence, for fear of ending up in the galley. As Le Parisien reveals, the three were taken into custody and then charged, two of them were then placed in pre-trial detention and the third under judicial supervision.