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Deshaies, a green jewel

Devoted to the flora and fauna of the Antilles, the Deshaies botanical garden is one of the jewels of Guadeloupe. In this park located on the island of Basse-Terre, visitors are welcomed by an artificial pond where water lilies, carp and aquatic plants mix. This is followed by a walk through seven hectares of lush nature. The park features more than 1,000 species of plants and trees, including the porcelain rose, bougainvillea, araucaria or tallipot, a large palm recognizable by the white flowers that grow at the top. Open to the public in 2001, the garden was, for a time, the property of the humorist Coluche.

Patrice78500 / Wikimedia Commons

The Savannah of Slaves, a place of memory

Both a journey through time and a description of a lifestyle in harmony with nature, the Savannah of slaves, located in Trois-Ilets, is a replica of a Creole village typical of Martinique at the end of the 19th century . We discover traditional huts made of reed or cane leaves, built on the edge of the forest. Architecture and nature come together on three hectares punctuated by remarkable trees and medicinal plants. The park has a vegetable garden, the production of which (sweet potatoes, cassava, dachines …) is offered for sale.

Jean-Louis Lascoux / Wikimedia Commons

The Sylvathèque, paradise of trees

This is how we call the place. Located in Gourbeyre, Guadeloupe, on the site of an old nursery, the Sylvathèque of the National Forest Office (ONF) has a large collection of trees and a Creole garden. Visitors stroll under palm, cocoa or pear-country trees. Everything is done to raise public awareness of nature protection: educational hikes, exhibitions, library …

Our favorites to continue the ride

The garden of Valombreuse, in Guadeloupe

It spans five hectares in the hollow of a tropical rain forest in Petit-Bourg, on Basse-Terre. Water occupies a predominant place: it appears in a stream or in a cascade and springs among the massifs. The estate also has a collection of palm trees with surprising shapes. Stay on the lookout for the hummingbirds and sugar bowls that frolic there.

Balata botanical garden, Martinique

Located in Fort-de-France, this garden is a spectacular place. You can visit it using bridges and suspended walkways, which offer an exceptional view of the 3,000 species of exotic flowers in the park: anthuriums, hibiscus, heliconias … An explosion of colors! Everything takes place around a renovated traditional house, with Creole architecture.

Vikymar / Wikimedia Commons

The An Mao garden, in Martinique

In tribute to his ancestors, the poet and novelist Pierre-Yves Panor created a park in the place where a slave village once stood, at Morne Gommier in the south of the island. Steeped in history, this undergrowth garden honors the natural heritage of Martinique, and in particular the role played by aromatic and medicinal plants in the traditions of "the island of flowers".

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