Greek interior: what are the codes to capture it

Resolutely chic, the Greek decoration trend takes up the hallmarks of Antiquity in a very modern 2020 version.

Choose the right color

When we think of Greece, we often refer to the Cyclades, paradise islands with white and blue villages. Logically, we find these two shades on the accessories and decorative furniture inspired by this destination. In an apartment or a house, one can even imagine painting a section of wall in this bleu especially for bringing a little color into a bedroom (behind the headboard) or a living room (behind the sofa). Guaranteed theatrical effect!

Identify the right materials

Like the buildings of Antiquity, the marble is the favorite material of this trendy theme in decoration. This is undoubtedly what makes this trend so classy, ​​but it also means that the prices of certain furniture can quickly soar.

Capture even the smallest details

Ribbed glasses, grooved table legs … The Greek trend also appears through patterns that might seem trivial, but recall those of the marble columns of ancient temples.

Antique decorative objects: which pieces to choose?

The Greek trend therefore consists mainly of creations with ancient influences. In 2020, this theme is subtly creeping into the decoration so as not to run out of steam and get bored too quickly. However, some brands, such as Seletti and H&M Home for example, take the party to offer sculptures of mythology. It is their mini format that allows them to be easily adopted. But be careful, it is better to divert these objects by placing them on a bookcase next to other more sober accessories.

To adopt the Greek trend, it is possible to start more slowly by betting on vases. The shape of this object draws its inspiration from amphorae with double handle. They can be found in particular at Margaux Keller, a French designer whose pieces are made in limited edition and in a traditional way. For those who would like to go further, HK Living offers a wide range of very successful furniture around this trend. Special mention for the tables with imposing legs and very thin tops.