Intel was working on an Ozark Lake chip engraved in 14 nm, expected in 2021


Intel is working on a new processor 14 nm (another one) … with an interesting structure, however. Called "Ozark Lake", it would have 16 cores and 32 threads, the frequency of which could reach the staggering threshold of 6 GHz. How? 'Or' What ? Using ingenious MCM architecture.

Information comes from sources on the specialized site TechPowerUp: Intel is at work on Ozark Lake, a processor still powered by cores Skylake, themselves based on the 14nm engraving process, but which used an MCM (Multi-Chip Module) structure in order to offer a significant increase in cores and madness frequencies.

A two-stage processor

According to TCU, Intel would offer on this future mainstream chip no less than 16 cores and 32 threads. The idea would be to take back from AMD the concept of MCM to divide the processors into two dies: a first dedicated only to cores, interconnected using an EMIB interface, but also to the cache (with a classic structure of 256 KB of L2 and up to 2 MB of L3 per core); and a second die grouping together all the other components of the chip, namely the I / O elements but also the dual-channel DDR4 controllers, as well as a controller uniting 28 PCI-Express 4.0 lines.


This second part would also include an iGPU part under Xe architecture, capable of developing 1 TFLOP / s of raw power, notes TechPowerUp. Delegating all of these elements on a second die would allow Intel to push the frequencies to the maximum on the die hosting the CPU cores of its processor, which could reach the 6 GHz threshold via Thermal Velocity Boost technology.

Launch expected in April 2021, unless postponed

We also learn that this MCM structure would allow Intel to easily decline this chip in lower performance versions, and therefore potentially less expensive, with 10, 8 or only 6 cores.

This processor is not the first MCM chip on which Intel works, which had already addressed the issue through its Clarkdale project, ten years ago. According to TechPowerUp sources, this intriguing CPU could arrive on the market in a very round year, in April 2021 … except postponement due to the coronavirus.

Source: TechPowerUp