PICTURES. At 23, Kendall Jenner lives in a sublime 615 square meter house in Los Angeles, Mediterranean-style and ranch-inspired. Immerse yourself in her world … and even her wardrobe!

Everyone knows it, Kendall Jenner is the member of the Kardashian / Jenner clan who is the most discreet on his personal and private life. Never, never, has the top talked about her romantic relationships or her sexuality, even less about her money or her professional success, she who is one of the most fashionable top models of her generation. And yet, Kendall Jenner has decided to open up a little more to her fans, by revealing the inside of his house in Los Angeles with Mediterranean style, for Architectural Digest.

Wednesday July 29, Kendall Jenner agreed to take the tour of his sumptuous house of 615 square meters, and there is something to dream of more than one … “I like a house that has character. When I walked in here I was immediately drawn to this peaceful yet Mediterranean vibe, like a kind of ranch“, she told the magazine.”My life involves a lot of chaos, travel and intense energy, so i wanted a house where i feel serene, a place where i can just hang out and relax“, she added.

A golden bathtub and a naughty decor

During her home tour, the 23-year-old young woman took the opportunity to make small revelations about her personality and her daily life. So her fans were able to learn that she is a tea addict or that she takes a bath at least three times a week in a golden tub – Yes Yes -. Even more surprisingly, in the living room near her bedroom, the young woman hung a pink neon on the wall where you can read measurements … the size of a penis – yes yes bis -. In fact, this is Tracey Emin’s piece of art from 1999, referencing the gender of her ex-boyfriend.

Its sharp and minimalist decoration, its vintage pieces and its organic and natural materials, the star of the catwalks owes them to three renowned interior designers : interior designer duo Kathleen and Tommy Clements, as well as Waldo Fernandez. Additionally, Kendall Jenner explained thatshe refuses to have a television in her living room, because she prefers her guests to chat. In addition, it has also converted its home cinema room into a painting workshop. Want to think of yourself as Kendall Jenner for 10 minutes? His home tour is available on YouTube.

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