It is in the middle of the vines of Epernay, cradle of Dom Pérignon considered as the creator of champagne, that the hotel takes shape, perched in the small village of Champillon. And its breathtaking view of the Champagne hills, the Hautvillers vineyards and the Marne Valley is enough to reveal the charm of the Champagne region. This land of inspiration and excellence. Moreover, it is this decor steeped in history that seduced Denise Dupré and Mark Nunnelly, two American francophiles. Owners of the Leclerc Briant champagne house since 2012, the duo fell under the spell of Royal Champagne during a visit to the region. Formerly a post house where the kings of France stopped before their coronation in Reims, this institution was then transformed into a brand new building under their leadership but also thanks to local architects and craftsmen. A modern amphitheater where lovers of vineyards and nature come to enjoy a peaceful break.

From the 47 spacious rooms and suites without vis-à-vis, to the terraces open to the vineyards, including the Spa and the gourmet restaurant run by the chef Jean-Denis Rieubland : everything, absolutely everything, invites you to let go in this modern setting. In total, the hotel covers 10,000 m2 in one piece. An architectural feat imagined by the Rémois Giovanni Pace, whose primary desire was to blend into the surroundings, becoming one with nature. The building’s light stone comes from quarries in the region, while the glass creates a play of transparency with the exterior.

A decoration signed Sybille de Margerie

In terms of decoration, Denise Dupré and Mark Nunnelly called on interior designer Sybille de Margerie, also from Rémoise. His credo? Take inspiration from the region’s natural and cultural heritage to decorate the premises. For this, she favors champagne and pastel tones that she associates with acidulous shades, as well as natural materials such as stone or light oak wood. On the walls, a plant motif made up of vine branches and flowers, signature of the decorator, takes place to recall the neighboring vineyards. Here, the modern comes to titillate more classic and warm notes like the damask fabrics, revisited for the occasion, or the chandelier of tassels which overhangs the lobby of the hotel.

At Royal Champagne, refinement is king and the desire to collaborate with the best talents is felt. The Meilleur Ouvrier de France upholsterer makes all of the seating for the Le Royal restaurant, while Maison Fragile porcelain tableware is preferred to dress the tables. In this contemporary gem, every detail is important.

A bubble of well-being and sharing

In addition to its 1,500 m2 Spa, its sublime indoor swimming pool bordered by bay windows and its many treatments on offer, the Royal Champagne is intended as a real invitation to relaxation. Some indulge in yoga and meditation sessions or hot air balloon rides, while others enjoy a champagne tasting in the hotel’s Salon Fines Bulles or a visit to cellars in the large neighboring houses. Here, bubble culture is historic but never falls into clichés. Discovery of the place, in pictures.

Le Royal Champagne, 9 rue de la République, 51160 Champillon. Tel: +33 3 26 52 87 11. Stay from 406 euros depending on the season. More information here.