The Nvidia Ampere and AMD Big Navi graphics cards launched in September?

After graphics cards exploiting the architecture Navi engraved in 7 nm positioned at the entry and mid-range, we expect GPUs from AMD " Big Navi "able to compete with the biggest GeForce RTX proposals from Nvidia.

The latter, for its part, has just lifted the veil on its new architecture Ampere, also engraved in 7 nm, and if the first announcements relate to graphic accelerators for servers and data centers, the eyes turn to a future series RTX 3000 General public.

Nvidia A100 Ampere

The global coronavirus health crisis has somewhat disrupted schedules, but observers still expect announcements before the end of the year. According to the site Digitimes, the first presentations of these new generation graphics cards would start in September.

The living room Computex 2020 Taipei, initially scheduled for early June but postponed to the end of September because of the pandemic, could thus constitute a highlight for multiple announcements.

The period could also be favorable for the presentations of the graphic parts of future next-gen game consoles while Digitimes relies on the statements of AMD CEO Lisa Su, who had promised something new on Big Navi before the end of the year, while the first Navi GPUs will celebrate their first year of commercialization. This should be an opportunity to commission the GPU platform RDNA 2.

As for Nvidia, mysterious graphics cards with thousands of CUDA cores have already appeared in benchmarks, suggesting the coming arrival of new RTX cards.