Why DJ Bob Sinclar, king of the energetic mix, became vital in times of confinement

All lovers of funk, disco and house music, have been meeting every day since March 17 with the pioneer of French touch DJ Bob Sinclar, for an hour of energizing mix, vital in time of confinement.

We're going to give you a secret: we spent the weekend with Bob Sinclar. We were invited to his home, in the privacy of his Parisian home studio, for a small party during which the producer and DJ played some records from his fabulous collection (this obsessed in search of the rare pearl has been collecting records for his 17 years , he has more than 35,000 vinyl records). We danced, yelled, sweated with him to the sound of the best funk, disco and electro hits. There were hundreds of us, I say, hundreds of thousands, trapped with him in his personal DJ booth, having fun with confinement, depression and coronavirus … via Facebook.

Because his mixes are exhilarating

"ATgo, we push the furniture, we have fun. We are live in Paris from my studio, it's all about the music!": since March 17, 2020, Bob Sinclar has been meeting every day with his 2 million admirers from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. (French time) on Facebook and Instagram for a themed mix: Classic Funk, Classic House, French Touch Vibes, Disco Session, Africanism Live Dj set… If DJs and musicians are currently competing in imagination to entertain us and overcome the boredom of confinement, we have not found better than listening and re-listening to the mix of Bob Sinclar to find the potato.

This hour of jubilant mixing goes by in the blink of an eye: the enthusiasm of Christophe Le Friant (of his real name) is communicative. This music lover is clearly having fun sharing the vintage nuggets of his nightclub. He mixes moss hits with club mix and rarer pearls. How to resist You Gotta Get Up (Majik), Get Down Saturday Night (Oliver Cheatham), And The Beat Goes On (The Whispers) and Body Music (The Strikers) for the Funk classic session (our favorite, below) for example? Or to this sequence of Runaway (Nuyorican Soul), Mama Say Mama Sa (Caramel) and Wanna Be Startin 'Somethin' (Michael Jackson) before a house remix of Spacer from Sheila and Nile Rodgers from Chic for the Disco-ish session?

Because it visibly explodes

Discs aren't everything. There is something delightful to see this sound scholar share his favorite songs by trampling on the famous leopard carpet of his studio. While we distinguish his material and part of his vinyl collection, he hums or mimes the lyrics, wiggles his hips, kisses, shouts like he would in a club to cover the sound when he is alone, reacts to the hundreds of messages from around the world that scroll on its screen and wishes live birthdays.

Muscular and tanned like a Californian athlete, but with false airs of Iggy Pop (in younger and healthier because Bob Sinclar, since always, does not drink, does not drug), the DJ encourages the caregivers, "Alleeeezzz", doing rolls with the arms. Without nostalgia, the smile to the ears, this barely quinqua remembers in full funk mix of"La Scala, from the Observatory"and launch a"special dedication to DJ Abdel, Cut Killer, DJ Chabin, Dee Nasty, Radio Nova, Voltage"pointing at the screen. Another time, he calls Joey Starr who has just connected:"doesn't that remind you of memories? Roger Funk Box?".

Because his mix reconciles us with this pioneer of the "French touch"

We're not going to lie to you: we had lost sight of Bob Sinclar for a long time. First a fan of hip-hop, Christophe Le Friant was one of the pioneers of the French Touch, even before it had a name. DJ at Bains Douches and Palace, friend of DJ Cam and Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk, he had founded one of the movement's first labels, Yellow productions, in 1994. There he came out of abstract hip-hop and acid-jazz under different pseudos, The Mighty Bop, La Yellow 357, Reminiscence Quartet. We still have the T-shirts, even if we no longer fit into these little girls' XS. He published Kid Loco, Salomé de Bahia but also one of the big hits of the time, the album damn it by Dimitri From Paris.

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAaSyZODa3g (/ embed)

In 1996, with the maximum Space Funk Project was born his alter-ego Bob Sinclar, a kind of disco superhero between Cerrone, Giorgio Moroder and Belmondo (Bob Sinclar is the character embodied by Bébel in The magnificent by Philippe de Broca, an imaginative film overflowing with seeing and reviewing in time of confinement). Despite this second degree nickname, Christophe Le Friant suddenly went from underground elegance to dance for commercial purposes and our ears took on the dust. In 2005, the release of Love generation, international and generic hit of the Star Academy, definitively made him pass in the circle of DJ stars, alongside David Guetta and Martin Solveig, while he disappeared from our personal radars. Recently, thethe simplicity with which he showed his work as a producer during master classes and other videos had reconciled us a little with the overheated DJ.

Because no playlist can replace a sincere DJ

A year ago, Bob Sinclar planned the birthday of PSG star striker Neymar. In recent years, DJs, just like footballers, have often been criticized. How do these guys, "not even musicians"could they be paid fortunes"just to play some records"(or even a mix on a USB stick)? We rediscover their essential function in confinement time that no playlist can replace"recommended for you"via a streaming platform. Beyond the art of the" selector "DJ and the science of mixing, the enthusiasm and desire to bring joy to some of these great smugglers is irreplaceable.

Involved, Bob Sinclar embodies his mixes. His sincere love of music and his passion for records give them flesh. With his Facebook sessions, he is no longer that overhanging DJ whose silhouette is best distinguished with his arms in the air. He becomes this precious "roommate" always in a good mood whose proximity reassures. Bob Sinclar does not take himself seriously, but is capable of wiping out depression and containment anxiety in a matter of minutes. It acts as a safety valve, works for public health (and this, free of charge). His enthusiasm and exaltation are eminently contagious, with no pun intended, from Rome to Sao Paulo and from Marrakech to Bogota. As Laurent Garnier says, #hopefullywestillhavemusic (luckily we still have the music).

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